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Container Pickup 

The nearly packed container before shipping. 

The only thing missing from this picture is some stuffed animals stuffed in the holes.

At 8:00 am, Tuesday, April 13, the crane arrived to pick the container up and put it on the truck's chassis. 

While we haven't had rain for weeks, or even months, it was pouring like crazy this morning.

Finally, at 8:15, the truck arrived, but it did not have a chassis to set the container on.  (Sorry no picture)

Somehow there was a mix-up and just the truck cab was sent. They believed that the container was already on a flat bed.

After sitting around in the rain for over an hour, it was decided the truck driver would go to Charlotte (2 hrs away), get a chassis and come back that afternoon.

To make a long long story short, we finally got a truck and chassis, 3 days later, on Friday morning at 10 am.

As you will be able to see in these photos, Friday was a beautiful day with a nice blue sky.

Since the crane set in our driveway all week, they just had to return and connect everything up.

About 10 minutes later they were all ready to lift.

The container itself weighs 5000 lbs and the contents weighed about 14,000 lbs for a total of 19,000 lbs.

As you can see we have a basket ball hoop in the way.

No problem! They will just lift the container up ...

and over our bushes.

 (Notice the beautiful blue sky)

The crane operator said he was at about the maximum extension for the load. 

I had told him the container weighed about 20,000lbs.

He said usually when people say it weighs 20,000 lbs it normally really weighs 30,000 lbs.

So he was happy- to say the least.

Just a bout there - a piece of cake. 

Within 2 minutes he had it up and over the bushes.

One final check!
At 10 am, sharp, the truck, WITH CHASSIS, arrives.

As Bob Andrews would say, "Whoopeedoo!!!

He backs in our driveway.


The crane driver's son helps stop traffic and get it backed into our drive way.
Again, no problem for these experienced operators.
With only 2 tries, the truck driver backs it under the container.
Then it is the crane operator's turn again.

With a little manual help by his son, the container is dropped onto the chassis. 

Within 5 minutes of the truck being parked, the container was in place and the truck driver starts to lock it in.
All locked in, the son unhooks the cables from the four corners. 

10 minutes after the truck arrives, it leaves with container in place.

The one picture I really wanted I accidentally deleted. 

I always wondered how they held the container in place on the chassis.

Its simple, 4 little do-hickeys on each corner. Takes only a second to lock them in.



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